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13 beautiful free & paid large icon sets with over 500 icons

Many times i have scanned the Internet to find a proper icon or a few icons for my project. Until these were typical icons I wanted to use, it was relatively easy to find them, as nearly every icon set, even a small one, had such. But when it came to finding a more sophisticated icon things got tricky. I had to look for a large icon sets that had not only the poplar icons but some rare as well. Sometimes I needed a certain group of icons like POI (point of interest – used on maps) or food icons. These requirements also forced me to search for big sets of icons. I found them quite a lot and I would like to share my knowledge with you. I hope you find it helpful.

Analytics illustration concept

Easy Google Analytics Events tracking in WordPress with GAS Injector

I believe I do not need to introduce Google Analytics. Everyone having a website should know what it is, and usually does. A bigger issue is getting acquainted with all the features. There is a lot of them and many people does not know what benefit they can bring. One of such features are Events. They allow you to monitor a bunch of extremely useful things. Curious? Have a look on these:

– Form submission
– Scroll depth
– Outgoing links
– Downloads
– Mialto Links Clicks
– Played Audio/Video
– Custom Vars

It’s really tempting to have access to these, but the problem is, they are not very easy to set-up. In fact it is pretty hard without some dose of proper knowledge. The documentation for Google Analytics Events are pretty poor, having available only few examples. For more than many it maybe a dead-end. Well, not any more…

Business diary with a colored tabs

Organize your post edit screen with tabs using Tabify WordPress Plugin

A known thing is that the longer you have your WordPress site the more plugins it has installed. From time to time I make some effort to review the list of plugins installed on my WordPress sites and delete the ones I do not need very much. This sounds easier then it is, as every time I do it, all my installed plugins occur very important. Therefore the amount of plugins grows over time. One of the drawbacks of such situation is that many plugins add metaboxes to your post edit screen. As a result of such situation, the post edit screen gets really messy, making it hard to use. This also usually applies to every custom post type edit screen.

There are 2 ways to solve this issue