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Organize your post edit screen with tabs using Tabify WordPress Plugin

A known thing is that the longer you have your WordPress site the more plugins it has installed. From time to time I make some effort to review the list of plugins installed on my WordPress sites and delete the ones I do not need very much. This sounds easier then it is, as every time I do it, all my installed plugins occur very important. Therefore the amount of plugins grows over time. One of the drawbacks of such situation is that many plugins add metaboxes to your post edit screen. As a result of such situation, the post edit screen gets really messy, making it hard to use. This also usually applies to every custom post type edit screen.

There are 2 ways to solve this issue

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How to Eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in WordPress

For those who did not hear about W3 Total Cache, it is a WordPress plugin allowing you to optimixe your site in terms of speed. W3TC is free and very complex. In few tests I had occastion to read it was superior to other available plugins. And it is free. Configuring W3TC is quite hard due tu immense amount of settings, most of which are not understandable to average user. Some tutorials I found on the net helped me to configure the plugin and my score on Google PageSpeed improved significantly to 70pts | 80pts. Much better but still below expectations. In this situation most probably among the tips in Google PageSpeed there is one with red exclamation mark saying “Eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content”. There is not much on the Internet how to get over it, and the solution is not easy to find. So here you have one…