1. Installing plugin

There are few ways to install Layers Essental Addons plugin. The most common ones are the two below.

1.1. WordPress plugin installer

After you download the package please unzip it first. You will get a directory, in which you will find a file named layers-essential-addons.zip’. Now you have to login to the WordPress admin panel of your site. Got to ‘Plugins->Add New’. Then click on the Upload Tab. You will see a screen like the one below. Browse for the ‘layers-essential-addons’ I have mentioned above and upload it. You will be taken to the activate a plugin page just like this one: Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the Layers Essential Addons.

1.2. Installing using FTP

After you download the package please unzip it first. You will get a directory, in which you will find a file named ‘layers-essential-addons’. Unzip this file. You will see the ‘layers-essential-addons’ directory. Now you need to log in to your host with the FTP manager. Access the folder site-root-folder/wp-content/plugins/ And upload the whole unzipped directory there. You must make sure that you upload the unzipped folder. Once you have uploaded, then you would need to click on the Plugins tag in your WordPress admin panel. Search for Layers Essential Addons plugin. Click on the Activate button and you are done. You can start using the plugin.

2. Plugin features

This plugin gives you a set of additional features for your Leayers theme. They are as follows:

2.1. Parallax background

Layers Theme allows you to set a background image for each page section. With Layers Essential Addons, we are adding new Widget “Advanced Content”. In this new Widget, below adding background image to section, you can find a checkbox named Parallax. Check it and the background image will have a parallax effect.

2.2. Animations

Layers Essential Addons also adds a feature that allows to trigger reveal animation on elements (ie columns in content section) when they come into view, when user scrolls a page. Animations are also available in “Advanced Content Widget”. To add animation to an element, edit it and in the settings bar find ‘animation’. You have following options to set:

  • ON/OFF :: with this checkbox you can turn animation ON or OFF
  • animation type :: chose your desired animation. To preview all animations check this link
  • animation duration :: define how many seconds shoud animation last. It can be parts of seconds, like 0.3
  • animation delay :: define how many seconds shoud animation be delayed. Its is useful when you would like elements to appear one after another. It can be parts of seconds, like 0.3
  • animation iteration :: define how many times should animation be repeated. Type in ‘infinite’ if you would like the animation to go on and on.

2.3. Tabs and Accordions

Layers Essential Addons add Accordion and Tabs Widget to list of available widgets. After adding the widget to your page, click General Settings in design bar (the black one on right side). Here you have following options:

  • alignment :: with this option you can choose if you would like tohave horizontal tabs, vertical tabs or accordion
  • styleset :: this option allows you to choose tabs or accordion style

If you choose style 1 for your tabs or accordion go to Tabs Colour to set the border color.

Once all your settings are done, you can proceed to creating your tabs. It is very simple. You create tabs just in the same way you create columns in content section. Column title will be a tab name and column content will be tab’s content