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Thank you for buying our WP Accept to Register plugin. We do our best for our products to work as equired. But if you discover anything not working properly, please open a ticket with the button below. We can then fix it for you and for others.

1. Installing plugin

Our WordPress plugins are distributed as zip files. Please note that the downloaded plugin is a zip file, but you should not try to install it directly. You first need to extract this file and then in the extracted contents search for the plugin zip file, which you can then install. This should be done as follows

a. From the WordPress plugin menu click on Add New:
b. Click on Upload:
c. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file, then click on Install Now.
d. The plugin will be uploaded to your blog and installed. It can then be activated by clicking Activate Plugin (or Network Activate in case of Multisite).

WordPress plugin installation steps

WordPress plugin installation steps

2. Configuration

All plugin configuration can be done on configuration page, which you can reach by gong to Settings >> Accept to Register (or Network Admin >> Settngs >> Accept to Register in case of Multisite). After reaching the settings page, you can see 2 tabs at the top. Each tab represents different type of document. Currently there are 2 types of documents available:

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

Enter any tab to access settings for specific document type. The settings described below can be applied separately in each of the documents.

Choosing to configure Terms&Conditions or Privacy Policy

Choosing to configure Terms&Conditions or Privacy Policy

2.1 Turning modules on and off

At the top of the document tab space you can find on/off switch which initially should be turned off. In this state, all settings for this document are unavailable and the checkbox to accept it is not visible in registration form. When you turn the switch ‘on’ the document settings will become visible. Use them to do some fine tunning according to the description in next points.

Turning modules on and off

Turning modules on and off

2.2 Add description elements

Description elements consist of few following fields

  • Title on registration page :: Text string you will place here will be visible on registration form as section title for accepting this document.
  • Description on registration page :: This text will be placed next to the checkbox for accepting the document on the registration page. It is a good place do write a statement with indication what document it relates to.
  • Document link anchor on registration :: After the Description on registration page there is a link to the document. Here you can set the anchor text of the link leading to the document.
  • Open document using :: Click on one of 3 options to decide how do you want to open the document when user click on document link next to description on registration form. There are 3 options available
    • new tab
    • same tab
    • pop up
  • Warnig message :: The text you will put here will be displayed to user when he will try to submit the registration form without accepting this document.
Editing descriptions

Editing descriptions

2.3 Button settings

Before accepting all documents user can view them to get aquiainted with their content. WP Accept to Register plugin will add a button at the end of each document to make it easier for users to return to registration form. You can set to things for the button:

  • button text :: Just write whatever you want to be written on the button
  • button styling :: we want to make our plugin to assimilate with you site as much as possible. Therefore we did not provide any styling for the button, but decided to allow you to use the styling from your theme for it. Just check what classes are assigned to buttons on your site, and apply them to this field. Write each class after space starting with a dot (.). You can also add an id by adding its name starting with hash (#).
Button settings

Button settings

2.4 Add document content

Copy your document and paste it in to the Document content field. The field is also equipped with some formating buttons to make it more easy for you to make your document better looking and more readable.

If you do not have any document yet, then you can create using this field from scratch, or find a template in the Internet.

3. Usage

3.1 Changes in Registration form

After installing the plugin, and turning on document acceptance on plugin settings page (see point 1.1 of this Documentation), the main change you will notice is that new checkboxes will be visible in the registration form.

Checkboxes in Registration Form

Checkboxes in Registration Form

3.2 Viewing documents

Each checkbox added by the WP Accept to Register plugin to the registration form has a title, description and a link at the and of description. This link allows visitor to view, and read the document before accepting. After reading the document visitor can navigate back to registartion form with a button which is placed at the bottom of the document.

3.3 Trying to Register without acceptation

When a visitor, tries to submit the registration form without accepting the documents, an error message will appear saying it is required. Please remember you can edit the error messages as described in point no 2.2 of this documentation.

Error messages

Error messages